Sheet Metal Division

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Sheet Metal Division originated in 1961 as Schneider Sheet Metal. In 1988
it was reorganized as SSM Industries, Inc., no longer a part of the Schneider Group of
Companies. In 2003, our shop facilities and offices moved to our present location in the industrial section of Neville Island, just West of Pittsburgh on the Ohio River. Many of our current employees, staff and management are original personnel from Schneider Sheet Metal, a testament to our company's experienced foundation and diverse qualifications.

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Our Pittsburgh Sheet Metal Division has accomplished projects from light commercial to power plant installations, including institutional, research, hospital, corporate headquarters, industrial, airports and manufacturing facilities. We have completed projects from Florida to Alaska and Connecticut to Nevada, in 23 states. A list of clients, customers and projects is available by clicking on the ‘projects link’ on this page.

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Our current capabilities offer complete CAD drafting and 3D coordination, fabrication and installation for all types of air systems and products ranging from light gauge (26 ga.) to ½” plate, in all types of base materials including carbon steel, galvanized, stainless, aluminum, PVC and more. Air ducts to vessels, plan & spec. work to custom design, we can be competitive in any aspect of metal air systems.

At SSM Industries, Inc. we use a Project Manager approach to servicing projects. We utilize full time on-site management when required, and also home office based management with continual on-site representation at planning and scheduling meetings for project managers, while our full time on-site superintendents administer to labor and installation of the systems, to assure our clients and customers the highest quality and most efficient completion of their


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Mid-States Spiral is a division of SSM Industries, Inc. supplying the HVAC airside industry with Lindab spiral duct & fittings, along with Gripple hanging products, a labor saving cable hanging system for all mechanical and architectural products and equipment. With SSM Industries, Inc.'s plant as one of the largest sheet metal manufacturing shops in the area and Lindab off the shelf product line, we have the capability to satisfy all your rectangular & specialty duct fitting needs on schedule.

Mid-States Spiral can offer a complete duct system from beginning to end. We offer design & sizing assistance for your convenience.

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Utilized Technology

Lindab duct systems consist of round and oval, single and double wall duct systems including silencers, dampers and grilles. Our round duct systems are equipped with
Lindab Safe EPDM double lipped gasket seals rated to 10” static pressure. This leads to shorter installation times, less weight, fewer air leaks and a smaller insulation surface as well as lower energy consumption. In addition, there are the major advantages for the installation contractor of having locally stocked and standardized products. To complete the spiral line we offer Flat Oval pipe & fittings, along with Insulated Round & Flat Oval pipe & fittings.

Gripple Hangers are universally recognized as the world’s fastest and most cost effective hanger system. The product is used for suspending and bracing of ductwork, piping, electrical and architectural components, as well as Seismic design restraint devices. Gripple Hangers are used on major projects worldwide, covering industrial buildings, distribution centers, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and retail stores. In fact, they can be found in some of the most prestigious projects around the world.

Sheet Metal Division Contacts
Vice President
Leo Monaghan
Phone: 412-777-5100 Ext:340

Tom Szymczak
Phone: 856-345-2525

Shop Superintendent
Mike Keady
Phone: 412-777-5100 Ext:355

Bill Reichenecker
Phone: 412-777-5100 Ext: 327
Fax: 412-771-6467

Spiral Division Contacts
Midstates - Pittsburgh
James Whitehead
Phone: 412-777-5102 Ext:350

Midstates - Philadelphia/Delaware
Greg Dobinson
Phone: 856-345-2510 Ext:229

Midstates - Philadelphia/Delaware
Steve Marchetti
Phone: 856-345-2510 Ext:230