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SSM is a full-service industrial mechanical contractor providing fabrication and installation of piping, pipe components and pipe skids for the power, chemical, gas and steel industries. SSM also serves as the “prime mechanical” providing the civil, structural and electrical installations on industrial projects.

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Industries Served

Power – Gas-Fired, Coal-Fired, Co-Generation Gas – Compressor Stations, Cryogenic and De-Ethanizer Facilities Chemical – Equipment Installations and Process Piping Steel – Blast Furnace, BOF, Cold Mills, Hot Strips, Coke Ovens   

SSM holds the ASME, S, PP, R and U stamps.

ASME Quality Control Program
At SSM Industries, Inc. our people make the difference with their training, skills and experience. 

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New Construction

Process Piping

Plant Outages

Plant Maintenance

Industrial Refrigeration

Pipe Fabrication

Skid Fabrication

24-HR Repair Service

Industrial Contacts
Jay Davis
Phone: 412-777-5100 Ext:344

Harrisburg Operations Manager
Dennis Grumbine
Phone: 717-774-7510

Pittsburgh Estimating Manager
David McKay
Phone: 412-777-5100 Ext:345

Latrobe Operations Manager
Keith Willochell
Phone: 724-537-7300